Monday, October 15, 2007

I Still Do Not Like Jack Penate

When I was in London, everyone always talked about Jack Penate. And from the beginning I did not like his music. I was asked in queue for friendly fires at camden crawl if i like him and immediately yelled no. Then everyone around stared at me as if I was crazy (as they stand there to collect little Jack Penate pins and etc). I don't know why but he seriously frustrates me. I don't think his songs are catchy or even good or even remotely enjoyable to listen to. yes. I will continue to vent about not liking Jack Penate. Trust me I tried, but I have come to terms that it is never going to happen.

Same goes with Jamie T. So damn whiny.

I will have a better post tomorrow. Hopefully before my night of drinking and celebrating my move to New York. I will enjoy Chicago to every last drop. ( i will probably gain about 30 pounds in these next two weeks from the amount of greasy fatty food I will eat and the immense amount of alcohol I will consume). Here is a stupid song that people like and you probably will too. But I am going to stand firm and continue not to like it. Why did I even write an entire post on him then? i dont know.

Second, Minute or Minute - Jack Penate

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amanda said...

I found out that I was wrong and the girl talk/ dan deacon show in chicago is January 26th. Also, while you are in town Jack Penate will be playing Jaunary 27th.